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insighta is a research firm with the expertise of a scientist and a soul of a start-up. We use cutting edge research methods and a deep understanding of human nature to drive innovation in your organization. We will work with you to customize a research approach that delivers answers to questions you may not even know how to ask.
understand consumer behavior

understand consumer behavior

insighta offers a unique view into the minds of your consumers through the lens of behavioral science. Work with us to ask the right questions and find the right answers that will help grow your organization.

make sense of your data

make sense of your data

There is a story in your data. We live to bring that story to life and tell it in a way that makes sense. Leverage our analytic expertise to use your data in innovative ways, surface novel trends, and lead your organization to new insights.

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make data driven decisions

Don’t gamble with your important decisions. The world’s most successful organizations make their big decisions based on research, testing and empirical data. insighta offers you solutions to make evidence-based decisions about the best way to move your organization forward.

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solutions for academics

insighta was founded by scientists and operates with science at its core. We are intimately aware of the specific needs of academic researchers and we offer services at every stage of the research cycle.

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research for institutions

insighta is a socially conscious company, and we welcome partnerships with government institutions, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, not-for-profit and community organizations. We are especially excited to work with organizations whose main goals are to contribute positive change.

We offer:

  • access to large and diverse samples
  • research design consulting
  • survey programming & hosting
  • data cleaning & structuring
  • data analysis & statistical consulting
  • data visualization
  • market research & consumer insights
  • net promoter score analysis
  • consumer attitudes & satisfaction analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • growth trend analysis
  • demographic trend analysis
  • customer ethnography
  • predictive analytics
  • A/B testing
  • concept testing
  • message testing
  • market segmentation
  • program evaluation
  • grant & report preparation
  • post-survey support